GPS Padlock for tracking shipping containers & Assets


axoLOCK Support real-time tracking of location and condition of your cargo, The axoLOCK integrated sensing capabilities include long-range wireless External Sensors to completely protect and monitor your cargo & shipping container.

- High security padlock - Grade 4 (EN12320)
- SCEC endorsed ABLOY padlock
- Advanced Tracking & Monitoring sensors
- Removable & Rechargeable Batteries
- Maximum protection with Real-time Alerts
- External Sensors connectivity up to 100m away
- Support for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks

axoLOCK GPS Security Padlock

High Security Padlock

axoLOCK offered the industry highest level of padlock security, manufactured by world leaders, Mul-T-Lock & ABLOY SCEC endorsed padlock security.  Supplied with patented key protection against unauthorised key duplication and enhanced restricted key control. Also available with Mul-T-Lock CLIQ Electro-mechanical Access control technology for maximum security and remote management.

  • axoLOCK offers security Grade 4 (EN 12320)
axoLOCK High Security GPS Abloy padlock
axoLOCK high security GPS tracking padlock

Advanced IoT solutions

axoLOCK is a mobile GPS-security padlock with on board advanced tracking and monitoring solutions. On board sensors included: Temperature, Barometric pressure, Tampering, Impact, Movement, and Light. SiRFstarV™ engine support hybrid GNSS satellite network. (GPS & GLONASS) Communicate with the server via secure cellular 2G, 3G or 4G LTE for remote monitoring and Over-The-Air configuration that include device updates and firmware upgrades. Compliant with cold chain standards and regulations include pharmaceuticals (GDP), perishables transportation standard En12830. Also Automatic Airplane mode enables end-to-end airborne shipment scenarios, include shipment by land-air-land.

axoLOCK Powerful Batteries

Heavy duty, long lasting rechargeable batteries. Available in 5Ah, 10Ah and 15Ah capacity for longer usage. Secured battery installation, with a simple plug and play replacement. Ergonomically designed surface for better handling in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

axoLOCK advanced IoT Tracking padlock

Secure & Track your Shipping Container for the all trip.


Manage entire fleet with complete control.

Real time Tracking

Support real-time Tracking & Monitoring of the location and condition of cargo, including specific alerts related tampering and delays, using axoLOCK with sensing capabilities included a short range Wireless Sensor Network. axoLOCK include SiRFstarV™ engine supporting Hybrid GNSS. providing a real-time tracking and monitoring solution.

Logistics with High Security

Control your shipment conditions of high-value goods, or shipping container (such as art or consumer electronics, tobacco) from manufacturer sites or distribution centers are kept according to the defined specifications. The axoLOCK provides real-time alerts in case the goods are mishandled or deviate from the planned route, and if they opened unexpectedly.

Included Powerful Batteries

Heavy duty & long lasting rechargeable batteries. Available in 5Ah, 10Ah and 15Ah capacity for longer usage. Secured battery installation, with a simple plug and play replacement. Ergonomically designed surface for better handling in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

Automatic Airplane mode

axoLOCK can cover end-to-end airborne shipment scenarios, when the automatic airplane mode is enabled, its sensors can identify that the flight has commenced and automatically shuts down RF transmissions after take-off and during the entire flight. The axoLOCK logs all events internally and transmits those events upon landing.

Cold Chain Solutions

axoLOCK is a complete Real-time Cold-chain monitoring unit for temperature & humidity-controlled for shipping containers, trailers, pallets or boxes with pharmaceutical or perishable goods, also supporting external sensors for up to 100m away. axoLOCK enables on-the-fly responses when deviations from the required temperature or humidity boundaries occur, and guarantees compliance with the strictest cold chain regulations (EN 12830). GPS electronic Padlock for truck & shipping container.

Smart control

Manage your entire fleet via secured web-portal for your complete control. Designed for advanced asset tracking with remote monitoring that features enhanced functionality. The axoLOCK is suitable for a wide variety of asset management applications that require long operation with a mobile power source.

axoLOCK secure shipping container

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